"The Cold Hard Truth About Your Website...

This Is Why You Website Isn't Much More Than A Yellow Pages Ad On Steroids, That's Not Converting Visitors Into Revenue!

This Is Why Your Website Isn't Converting

That’s right converting your advertising into customers via your website is just like winning the Lotto.

With one notable exception…

It’s not gambling, and you can create customer attraction systems that consistently make you a winner.

As I explain in the video above this is how the average business owner runs an advertising campaign to their website.

Before we start. If you're currently doing this, don't feel bad.

You've probable been told that this is what you need to do. In a few short minutes though you'll know exactly what you need to do to rectify the situation.

What happens is there's a dreadful advertisement that reads something like this...

"We’ve been in business, since 1943 in fact we are the oldest (insert their business type) on the Sunshine Coast, blah, blah, blah, insert their logo with their website at the bottom of the ad"

Or worse still the ad is purely a price based, something along the lines of we’re the cheapest or we’ll beat any competitor.

They’re literally cutting their own throat (in the pricing war) without their competitors lifting a finger.

So let’s give this business owner the benefit of the doubt for the moment and assume someone actually does the following...

  • They actually read their terrible ad in a newspaper (shock horror I know who reads those damned things anymore)

  • They actually type the website from the ad into their phone, iPad or whatever other device is within arms reach so that they don’t have to actually get off of the lounge.

  • They land on their website (which more than likely isn't mobile formatted) and has 100 different options on it.


The website visitor’s brain goes, hey wait a minute, we are actually going to have do some thinking here, I can't really see what's in it for me to do business here... next”

At the end of the month all you’re left with is an advertising bill so big that You could nearly choke on it, and if You’re lucky a couple of paltry sales from people whose only interest in Your products was to see how far they could screw You down on price.

The average business owner is literally left scratching their head wondering why the hell they're burning so much money on advertising for such a paltry return?

Is this sounding familiar?


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"See Why Your Website Isn't Working?"

This is what you actually need to have happen...

  1. The headline for your advertisement needs to capture the attention of a qualified reader that has money to spend with you.

  2. The body (text) of the advertisement needs to speak to them about a specific problem that they have.

  3. Your ad needs to have a compelling call to action, that makes the person want to find out more about how you can help them. Check out our website for more info isn’t going to cut the mustard!

  4. The website that they visit needs to speak to them about the solution you promised them in your advertisement, the second that they arrive on it.

  5. The website need to capture their details so that you can follow them up and convert them into a happy customer.

Without that system you’re forever stuck in the trap of tipping money down the advertising black hole in the hope that a few measly customers will one day wander in through your door or enquire via your website.

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You Want To Know How To Get Started Right?

Trying to work all of that out for yourself (which I have just walked you through above) can be a time consuming process.

I should know because I’ve spent countless hundreds of hours working it out for myself.

So I’ve turned it into a done for you package called...

The Local Biz Customer Magnet Website Package

Here is what You get...

  • A Wordpress Website built on the Genises Template. It’s the exact same platform my own website is built on.

  • Video training tutorials how to use Wordpress & 12 months access to the Potent Marketing Podcast Community.

  • 12 months support via I love Marketing Meetups. Held on the Sunshine Coast

  • Specific Local Customer Landing & Detail (Name, Email, Phone Numbers) Capture Page for YouTube and Google Adword traffic.

  • FREE Report for Lead Generation.

  • Basic SEO setup including training on how to use Google + and Google my business.

  • Content is KING! Expert content (copywriting) for your home page and another page of your choice by one of the best "Buyer Attraction" writers in the business. Also "keyword and phrase" enriched to help with your SEO ranking.

  • Three X one hour consulting sessions that focus on lead generation and converting website visitors to customers.

  • $100 worth of YouTube Advertising.

  • $100 worth of Facebook Advertising.

  • A ticket to attend 1 day of my apprentice program. Held on the Sunshine Coast.

Investment in this package is $4998.00 + G.S.T

You pay $2490.00 upfront to secure your package, and the rest is paid off in installments (that we agree on) which are tied to you getting results (customers)
Here is what You need to do next
The next step is for you to book a time to do a consultation with me so that we can... 
  • Have a look at your website - marketing and identify the key area’s that will get you results quickly.

  • Come up with a plan to get you your investment in this package back as quickly as possible.

  • And ensure that we are both happy to work together.
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You can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!

Local Biz Lead Dominator Website Package is designed to consistently deliver leads to your business and pay for itself within 6 months.

Please note…

If it appears we can't from a working combination, that's ok, there's nothing lost.

However if we get on the same page, there's EVERYTHING TO GAIN!


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