When The Clock Is Ticking It's POETS DAY      Piss Off Early Tomorrows Saturday

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Click Here To Book in for a Schooner

When the clock is counting down it's POETS DAY

Frequently Asked Questions About POETS DAY

1. What’s the Deadline for Poets Day?

Poets day happens every Friday between 8am and 5pm AEST

2. How Does it work?

It's pretty simple.

  1. You have a marketing or advertising problem: .That's doing your head in and probable costing you a ton of cash
  2. You book in for a Schooner: Click on the book in for a Schooner button and enter your name and mobile number.
  3. Beanie will call you : During POETS day to have a chat about your problem.
  4. You get the solution to your problem: If you're not happy with the answer Beanie gives you the Schooner is FREE! 
  5. How do you pay if you're happy: Beanie will text you a link to his Selz store where you pay your $4.00 it's an honesty box system, Beanie's not going to spend time chasing you for $4.00 
Not sure what to ask Beanie? 
 What about one of these questions...
  • Whats' the four critical tweaks that’ll transform your website into a killer lead generation machine.

  • What's the number one mistake business owners make with paid traffic and why it’s a sure fire way to burn through huge piles of your hard earned cash with little or no return.

  • The truth about Social Media Marketing and what you really need to know if you want to make sales from it consistently.

  • Facebook Business Page blunders, what not to post because it’s only pissing your best customers off and killing your organic reach.

  • My secret Inverse Branding system that positions me as a trusted advisor in my soon to be clients minds before they even meet me, and moves their focus from price (I've never been asked to discount my services when using this system) to value.

  • Slash your marketing - advertising budget by specifically targeting more of the right people that are easy to deal with and spend more money with you.

  • What you must do to bulletproof your business from the onslaught of online shopping.

You're probably thinking...
Is this just a sales pitch in disguise?

Far from it. I will under no circumstances put pressure on you to become a client. 

I don’t work that way, I prefer to let my work speak for itself.

In fact if at the end of our chat you think that I have wasted your time, I’ll buy you the Schooner.

So why am I doing this for just a schooner?

A good majority of people that have a schooner with me want to know more about what I offer.

So they then take up the FREE Marketing Campaign offer where I personally desing a custom marketing blueprint for your business for FREE.

So now you know my hidden motivation for helping you. Maybe you'll want more help.

But it's all good if you don't becasue I have Schooners to drink!

3. Can I Buy Beanie a Light Beer?

Don't be stupid! In fact if that thought actually entered your head, please leave now!

4. What Are the Incentives Again?

You get your marketing headache fixed, and you get a copy of the Anti Newsletter. Damn you ask a lot of questions!

5. Are you still here? Hurry up and buy me a Schooner will you I'm not a Camel!