Simplifying Complex Marketing Strategies

Which One Of The Photos Below Generated Tons More Clicks And Leads?          You might find the results surprising!

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The Lure Shot

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The Mug Shot

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Small tweaks to your marketing, advertising and branding, can have a huge impact on your results.

By simply testing the two photo's above, I was able to drive down the cost per click for my Facebook Advertising Campaign by over 200%

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NOTE: For this template to work properly, you must have BOTH A and B option buttons visible. If you hide the buttons, your visitors will be unable to view the second page. You should also have at least some elements visible on the second page.

Page 1 above is the first page your customer will see. Upon clicking one of the option buttons, the second page will quickly fade in.

Page 2 below will be shown once the user clicks one of the A/B option buttons