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What Every Business Owner Ought to Know About "Networking With Like Minded People"

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Marketing Legend Joe Polish runs a group called the Genius Network (see the video above). The investment to be part of that group?

$25,000.00 per year.

Here is the kicker though. If you don’t make a 10 times return on your $25K investment within the first 12 months, you are not allowed to join the group again the next year.

You really have to have a different level of thinking just to qualify to be part of his group.

Let’s compare Joe’s group against  the average run of the mill Networking Meeting.

It’s usually $40.00 to go to one event. There are no ongoing commitments, you aren't held accountable for anything either. The only qualifier is that you can come up with $40.00 and actually get yourself to the event.

The catch cry for these networking events is “meet and network with like minded people”.

Is that where you have capped yourself off? With people that are only prepared to put $40.00 and nothing else at stake? Don't feel bad if that is where you are currently at. Just recognize it for what it is, and keep working towards something better.

Now the Networking Crowd are going to howl and wail when they read this, but they created the catch phrase not me. I am just pointing out the bleedingly obvious flaw with it.

Do you think the person that puts their hand in their pocket and invests $25,000 and (12 months of their time) to attend a group thinks the same way as someone who pays $40.00?

You’re picking up what I am putting down here right?

This is an extract from an awesome book that I have just read called Networking is Not -Working by Derek Coburn. And it absolutely nails what I am talking about here.

“If you were making more money than you ever imagined working with clients you absolutely loved and had more high - quality prospects looking to hire you then you had time for, how often would you go to networking events?”

My guess is you would only go when they had a guest speaker that you really wanted to listen to. Am I right? Believe it or not, the book isn’t (and neither am I) totally against networking,  just the way it's generally done.

So I have decided to model The Maverick Biz Owners Boys Club on Joe's $25K group. Yes this is a Men only group. As a Mate of mine pointed out on Facebook the other day that there are numerous Women only groups, but nothing for Men. That was until now.

This group is going to be very closed shop. There isn’t a buy it now button that you just click on, pay, and boom you are in. I am going to be a lot more selective than that. As you may have guessed by now, this is to ensure that we truly get a like minded group focused on a very specific common goal.

A five times return on investment in Six Months.

The investment is $1497.00 + GST for six months membership. I know in the scheme of things it doesn’t come close to Joe’s $25K, but it’s a long way from coughing up $40.00 for one event as well.

So here is what you get

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group

  • Monthly Meetup’s

  • Accountability. You will have to set targets and report on them at every Meetup.

Numbers are going to be limited, I am going for quality here, not quantity. There will be no more than eight (myself included) involved in this group.

Here is what you need to do next.

If this sounds exactly like what you have been looking for, this is the next step.

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