Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Design A Custom Marketing Campaign Specifically For Your Business For FREE?

From the Desk of Adam Bean

Maroochydore, Qld


December 2015


Dear Friend

I’ve set aside some time to work with you personally and show you how you could deploy a similar marketing system to the one I recently I helped a client (who’s a local bricks and mortar business owner) implement that almost double his online sales in just a few short months.

Now before those little voices in your head start chanting something along the lines of…

I’ll bet he helped this person sell twenty (instead of ten)  $1 lollies (plastic toys, cans of drink)” insert the thing that the little voice is telling you, here are the actual sales figures.

The average price for his product is $500.00 and his sales went from 30 per month to 58 per month.

By law I have to say this…

I can’t guarantee that I can get the same results for your business that I did for his.

He was actually a rare individual that listened to what I told him, and took decisive action with the advice that I gave him.

No where were we again?

I’ll meet with you personally right here on the Sunshine Coast and literally design a customised marketing campaign for your business.

I’ll literally draw it up for you (I do it with a pen and paper old school style) when we meet, and it’s yours to keep regardless of whether we decide to work together or not, so that you can deploy it at will.

Here’s how it works

Before we meet I’ll start working on your campaign by analyzing your target market, spying on your competitors, and checking out your sales process, to identify the main area’s for improvement that’ll get you results the fastest.

Then we'll get together to build your campaign

These are some of the critical points that you’re going to discover during your consultation…

  • The four critical tweaks that’ll transform your website into a killer lead generation machine.

  • The number one mistake business owners make with paid traffic and why it’s a sure fire way to burn through huge piles of your hard earned cash with little or no return.

  • The truth about Social Media Marketing and what you really need to know if you want to make sales from it consistently.

  • Facebook Business Page blunders, what not to post because it’s only pissing your best customers off and killing your organic reach.

  • My secret Inverse Branding system that positions me as a trusted advisor in my soon to be clients minds before they even meet me, and moves their focus from price (I've never been asked to discount my services when using this system) to value.

  • Slash your marketing - advertising budget by specifically targeting more of the right people that are easy to deal with and spend more money with you.

  • What you must do to bulletproof your business from the onslaught of online shopping.

And that’s only the start of what we’re going to cover.

Everything is custom designed for your business after I discuss with you you’re sales process, sales goal and current branding strategy.

There is no charge for any of this

What you must be thinking right now is…

Well what’s the catch then? Why are you doing all of this for FREE?

There’s two main reasons that I do these consultations.

  1. I genuinely enjoy working with highly motivated business owners that are capable of thinking differently and are willing to develop long term marketing strategies as opposed to one off promotions.

  2. This is how I build goodwill with my market and bring in new clients.

A good percentage of people that do these consultations end up deciding to hire me to help them implement what I show them.

If we decide to work together this is how it works.

I have a suite of coaching programs (including my Basic Package which is $497.00 for 3 months, my Apprenticeship Program $697.00 per month and my Premium Package which $3997.00 per month) and a done for you service called kingfisher.rocks which replaces ineffective local directories advertising.

When we get together and create your custom marketing campaign at the end of our chat I'll simply ask you...

Would you like my help building this custom marketing campaign for your business?

If the answer is yes I'll then work out with you which package is going to suit your needs best.

If your unsure that's completely fine, (that's why we do this consultation first to work out if we're happy to work together or not) I'll give you some time and space to make a decision, and simply follow up with one email a week later to see what you're thoughts are.

Obviously I don’t do this for just anyone, there’s a specific criteria that you have to meet to be eligible which is…

  1. I don’t work with people that do MLM, Network Marketing, Party Plans or any other type of “Business Opportunity” schemes. It’s just not my thing. I prefer to work with real world business owners that run bricks and mortar businesses.

  2. You need to be able to think differently (don’t worry I won’t ask you to do anything weird!) I just don’t do the same tired worn out crap that most marketing companies will try and advise you to do.

  3. You have to have great products - services backed up by exceptional customer service.

So that’s my hidden motivation for doing this.

However don’t be fooled into thinking that this will just be…

A Sales Pitch in Disguise

Far from it. I will under no circumstances put pressure on you to become a client. I don’t work that way, I prefer to let my work speak for itself.

The FREE marketing campaign I design for your business, will be like nothing you have seen before.

I guarantee it.

But anyone can say that right?

Which is why I’ll make you this promise…

If at the end of the consultation you think that I have wasted your time, this is what I'll do for you.

The Boathouse Noosa does a sensational seafood platter (for two) that costs $109.00 if you think that I've wasted your time, I'll happily pay you $109.00 so that you can take your partner there to try it out!

You can’t get any more fair than that right?

There’s no fine print and no catch.

You’ll get a custom marketing campaign developed specifically to suit your business for FREE, that you can deploy at any time.

After that maybe you’ll become a customer, or maybe you won’t. It’s completely up to you.

And if you think that I’ve wasted your time, I’ll give you $109.00 for that seafood platter.

If you’d like a FREE custom marketing campaign built specifically for your business, here's what you need to do next...

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