"Corporate Training Like Nothing Else Out There...

They Don't Use Powerpoint, (Barry's Fenders Better) Mobile Phones Are Banned, (There's A Carton Penalty For Indiscretions) But What They'll Teach Your Team Will Blow Their Minds

"Word of Mouth Marketing is still the most special of all yet somehow it's getting missed with Social Media" Barry Bull

Transform your corporate team into a group of Social Media Rock Stars that creates a huge buzz about your brand, and establishes your company as the go to business in your industry.

In 2008 Toombul Music shut it’s doors.

Not even the Iconic Brisbane Music Store that hosted Rock Stars such as The Corrs, Ronan Keating, Charley Pride and Michael Crawford (just to name a few) could fight the might of the internet, and the shop was shut forever.

Fast forward to 2015 when Barry Bull launched his latest book…

Take the Bull By The Horns.

Nothing significant there right? Barry has written four books in total.

The book (although a must read) wasn’t the significant factor, the significant factor was the fact that Barry decided to launch it on Amazon.

The mere fact that the man that built the business Toombul Music (which is still to this day Australia’s most awarded retail business) chose to leverage an online store like Amazon, instead of a bricks & mortar bookstores - should have been a huge hint to the entire Australian retail industry, and every other industry, that they needed to change their strategy fast to compete and prosper in the new digital world.

In his new book (Take the Bull by the Horns) Barry gives a dire warning to all Australian businesses which is to...

Adapt or die!

Far too many business owners have stuck their heads in the sand about the digital age (in particular Social Media) because they just don’t understand how to harness the power of it, and to be quite blunt with you, they’re scared of it.

And now unfortunately those same business owners are starting to pay the price for not adapting.

But Barry being Barry he couldn't just sit idle by and just watch this all happen so...

Barry’s once again on a mission to revolutionize the way business is done (just like he did by being the first to bring rock stars to a music store) by doing what he did best which was providing exceptional customer service that generated massive word of mouth advertising about his business.

The only difference is, this time he has the enormous power of Social Media to spread that word of mouth advertising.

Barry has teamed up with the young bull Adam (Beanie) Bean to deliver much needed corporate training designed to cover what no one else out there is teaching.

Time and again Barry sees his "old school way" of delivering a customer experience worth talking about which is the golden key (see chapter 9 of Take the Bull by the Horns) to generating massive word of mouth advertising being completely overlooked because;

The people running Social Media campaigns within these organizations are too focused on using Social Media to broadcast a message out (which is a huge mistake that's costing them dearly) rather than use Social Media, the most effective way which is to listen to what the customer actually wants, and provide it for them.

Toombul Music epitomised that stratergy and proved that it worked over and over again.

Barry's customers told him that they wanted to get up close and personal with the Rock Stars whose albums he sold.

So he provided that experience for them, and he was handsomely rewarded with huge sales and more importantly unprecendented amounts of word of mouth marketing.

Imagine the hysteria that he would have created if he'd had the leverage of Social Media back then!

The old and young bull deliver a unique custom corporate training experience with a mix of old world networking crossed with Social Media Savvy Digital Marketing that’ll get your Brand's name up in lights and explode your sales.

At the end of the training Barry also entertains the crowd (with his Unexpected hero) to allow the magnitiude of what they've just learnt to sink in, and talk one on one with Beanie with any question they may have.

By the end of this training session your team will have the knowledge that’ll empower them to drive your company to the forefront of your market because they’re going to discover...

  • The truth about Social Media Marketing and what you really need to know if you want to make sales from it consistently

  • Facebook Business Page blunders, what not to post because it’s driving your best customers into the waiting arms of your competition and killing your organic reach.

  • Beanies secret Inverse Branding system that positions him as a trusted advisor in his soon to be clients minds before they even meet him, and shifts their focus from price (Beanie’s never been asked to discount his services when using this system) to value.

  • How to take Barry’s famous “NO is Negotiable” saying and turn that into your companies biggest asset, because the people that say NO are the huge potential for massive sales and growth in your business.

  • Slash your marketing - advertising budget by specifically targeting more of the right people that are easy to deal with and spend more money with you.

  • What you must do to bulletproof your business from the onslaught of online shopping.

  • Just how vitally important video is becoming, and how to create the perfect sales script with a little know 4 step formula comedians use to ensure their success on the David Letterman show.

And that’s just the start of what they’re going to learn.

Obviously Barry is (I'm not going to say retired, because he's more active than most people half his age) very selective about who he works with these days, so he doesn't just do this training for anyone.

There's a certain criteria that your organization will need to meet to be considered, which is...

  • The type of service and or products that you sell. Barry and Beanie prefer to work with local companies that manufacture and sell a local products, and are willing to put back into the local community.

  • Your philosophy on customer service. If you just want to broadcast your name out to the masses this isn't for you, this is about delivering an awesome customer experience worth talking about, and utilizing Social Media to spread the word like wildfire.

  • The attitude of your team. You'll need a team that's able to think for themselves, identify opportunities to provide outstanding service, and most importantly place the needs of your customers as a top priority for this to work the most effectively.

At this stage the training is only held at the Mooloolaba Surf Club (although Beanie is twisting Barry's arm to take this show on the road).

If you think that you're organisation is a good fit for this training, then Barry & Beanie would love to talk with you further about the possibility of working together.

The first step is to click on the contact Barry & Beanie button below.

Enter your details, and either Barry or Beanie will contact you back within 48 hours to organise the best time to catch up.

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