What every Aussie Tradie should know about offering "Free Quotes...
By Beanie the Social Tradie

Boilermaker by Trade, but now sought after Marketing Consultant (Beanie) Teaches Tradies How To, Brand themselves as Experts, Up Their Rates and Charge for Audit's Instead of wasting time with "Free Quotes"

Free Quotes Are Dead

Did you know that by merely using the term free measure and quote in your marketing you are most likely costing your business thousands of dollars every single year?

Worse still, by using that term (free measure and quote) you are more than likely attracting more than your fair share of tyre kickers and bottom feeders only interested in the lowest possible price.

You are making yourself compete against the unscrupulous tradies out there that use the bait and switch method. 

You know what I one’s I mean? 

They quote a dirt cheap price, then all of the hidden costs (which you let people know about up front) start coming out of the woodwork after they start the job.

There is however a smart way to combat these unscrupulous operator’s with the additional benefit being it takes the focus off of cost. What this method does instead is attract customers more interested in a quality job, and a stress free transaction.

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So why am I telling you this??"

I am telling you this so you can go and get yourself some better clients, then if I have done my job well you may come back and hire me to help you get some even better results. 

It's pretty simple really, my Dad used to always tell me, what goes around comes around!

Here is the catch, with this system.

This only works if you are delivering exceptional value (which you already are) to your customers. It is not a quick fix to substandard work or poor customer service. 

What it will do as an additional bonus for you is shine the spotlight directly on the rip off merchants in your industry.

So are you keen to know what it is?

Good I was hoping you would say yes, let’s get into it.

Biggest problem with you advertising free measure and quote is, people associate a quote with a price. Nothing earth there shattering I know, but think about it. 

You have immediately put the emphasis on price before you even turn up to do your quote.

The alternative is to offer an audit.

Now what is the big deal about the difference between an audit and a quote? It’s all about perception and creating value. 

People expect quotes to be free. 

On the other hand they are used to paying for an audit. The best way for me to explain this is for me to give you two example advertisements so that you can compare and make up your own mind.

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The traditional Free Measure and Quote advertisement.

(Headline) Thinking about renovating?

Fred’s has over 20 years experience in the building game. Call Fred on 0400 789 890  today for a free measure and quote.

Now there are so many thing wrong with that ad that I am not even going to try to pretend to be able to fix them all here today. 

What I will do right now is show you how to write a fantastic ad offering an audit.

(Headline) Don’t spend a cent on renovating until you read our free report.

How to avoid hiring a dodgy tradesmen to renovate your property that could cost you thousands of $$ in hidden costs. Visit   trustedtradie.com/freereport

Hang on a second, where did the free report come from? Well that is actually a vitally important  additional step in the process. Again we don’t have time to cover how and why it works today, but I will do so in future posts.

Inside the free report you will make an offer something along these lines.

Before you renovate let us do a free audit for you (valued at $497.00) where will identify any foreseeable issue’s that you may have during the renovation process. 
Once our audit process is complete, you will know the following...
  1. What permits you require and how long it will take you to obtain them.
  2. Structural issues that could potentially delay your project being completed on time.
  3. Any impacts your renovation work may have on your neighbours.
  4. Insert other issue’s that cause delays or additional stress.
This audit alone could literally save you thousands of dollars. 
The biggest problem most people face when renovating their home is that they just don’t understand the pitfalls, which can become very costly, very quickly.

Obviously this is just a brief outline of how this process works. And work it will. But you are in a hurry and want to get this working for you now right?

So here's what you need to do next...

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By the end of our consultation you will know...

  1. What to write in your free report.
  2. How to get your free report created quickly and easily.
  3. Why capturing emails is so vital to your business’s cash flow.
  4. How to position yourself so that you don’t have to compete on price alone.
  5. How to automate your sales process so that people are ready to buy before you even speak to them.

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